Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
  We at Nelson Family Farms love our family and our farm, so we are happy to share some of the memories with you. Please look through our photo gallery to see what is happening.  
  SPRING 2014  
  Replacing the battery and getting ready for the next flight.   Inspecting the drone after landing.  
  There's an eye in the sky when you have a drone.   More drone flight time.  This is Phil our Precision Ag Manager.  
  Gary spraying aphids on the soybeans on the Litchfield East Farm North field.   It might be 40 some years old, but it looks like new now.  
  Gary got his 4020 painted this summer.   The kids love helping dad scout fields in the summer time to assess our crops.  
  This year we purchased a drone to fly our fields and scout our crops.   Tyson inspects the corn next to the house.  He is our little farmboy.  
  See the liquid manure applied inbetween the rows.   The drag line lays the hose down between the row then reels it up when coming back the other way.  The manure is pumped from the barn pit clear out to the applicator via this hose.  
  This is a custom made hose reel machine with a toolbar for applying dragline manure in corn.   Even Sidedressing liquid Hog manure is possible with the right equipment.  
  Sidedressing as the corn gets taller on the Haire 1 farm.   Being able to drive about 9 mph, we can get over acres quickly with our sidedress application of nitrogen.  
  Our 60' Blu-Jet sidedresser is equipped with a Capstan Inject system for row by row accuracy and precise monitoring.   The sidedresser cuts a slot in the soil and injects liquid nitrogen.  
  Getting an early start on sidedressing on the Litchfield 1/2 Section South.   With a good crop getting started, its makes us pray extra hard when the radar looks like this...  
  One can't help but get excited for a good crop when looking at this beautiful of a corn stand.   As the crop of 2014 gets started, picking rock is a great job for Tyson to build his muscles.  
  The promise of a rainbow on a rainy day during planting...   Projects in the shop don't stop during spring planting.  Gary overhauled our 966 International tractor whenever we had a raining break from farming.  
  The Stine 20" twin row corn was planted at 54,000 seeds per acre.  This is compared to our normal 35,000 seeds that we normally plant in a 30" row.   The twin rows are set on 20" centers.  The rows are spaced 8" apart.  So as you look across the planter, the rows are spaced in 12"/8" spacing.    
  Take a close look at this planter and the row spacing.  We planted one of our fields to the 20" twin row corn from Stine Seed company.   Looking behind the planter...  What will the final yield of this field be?  Only mother nature knows.  
  A Near perfect seedbed.  Its now up to Mother Nature to take our seeds to harvest time.     Filling the planter with seed while at the same time filling with starter fertilizer.  
  We had cameras mounted all of the planter.  It was fun helping them get the perfect angle.   When we were planting the corn on the Litchfield farm, a photo journalist from the Des Moines Register came and took pictures for an article they were doing about DATA on the farm.  
  Our planter has plenty of flex in the toolbar so it can adjust to the terrain of the fields.   Planting at night.  
  Filling the water trailer with water at the NEW COOP Vincent location.   Gary applies Pre-Emerge herbicides after the field is planted.  
  Our field cultivator has a rolling basket on the back to break up clods and leave a smoother surface.   On the acres that are conventional tillage, you can see the nice job that our field cultivator does to prepare the soil ahead of the planter.  
  A spring cannot go by without some big rains.  It was hard to complain after the past 2 years of drought.   Planting soybeans on the Smeltzer #4 Farm.  
  Gary taking a phone call in the field.  Not sure if he's talking business or getting his next orders from Dave?!  LOL   Another rain out from planting. Headed home with the planter.  
  Karma runs for seed with the seed tender and brings it to the planter.   Gary field cultivating ahead of the planter on the Litchfield farm.  
  Applying 32% Nitrogen and herbicides ahead of the planter.   Programming and connecting the wireless weather station to the internet.  
  Installing one of 6 weather stations on our farm.  They not only record weather, but also soil moisture levels through the profile down to 48" deep.   We toured the Climate Corporation scientists around our farm as well as an up close and personal look at our equipment.  
  In April, we hosted a group of about 30 employees' from the Climate Corporation.   Don't think the planter can get much dirtier...  Rained out!  
  Planting corn on corn acres on the Webb farm.  But, the rain caught us.   Planting corn at 34.5 Speeds per Acre with 99.9% Singulation, 99.7% Spacing at 4.8 MPH...  It doesn't get much better than this!  
  A view of the monitors controlling the planter.   Filling the inboard saddle tanks on the CAT with starter fertilizer.  We apply a starter fertilizer (6-24-6 + ZN), Capture insecticide, and Assend on all of our Corn on Corn acres.  
  Corn planting started on the VanDiest Otho farm.   Applying Nh3 with the 9630 and a 21 knife Blu-Jet applicator.  
  With good soil conditions this spring, we took the opportunity to apply some spring Nh3.  This gives us more flexibility when it comes to the number of acres that we have to sidedress in season.   Karma and Morgan pick up rocks and wire from
where we cleared out fences on the Litchfield Acres.
  After fences are taken out and ridges cleared off,
we always seed back to brome grass to eleviate weeds growing.
  Karma and Morgan follow behind Gary as he seeds brome on the ditch banks.  
Thank you for your interest in Nelson Family Farms. If we can help you in any way, please call or stop by. Visitors are always welcome.

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