Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
  We at Nelson Family Farms love our family and our farm, so we are happy to share some of the memories with you. Please look through our photo gallery to see what is happening.  
  SPRING 2012  
  A view from the driver seat of our Apache sprayer when Gary
was spraying cover crops.
  Gary spraying Roundup on our Ryegrass Cover crop on Smeltzer
#1 farm.  This year we had 100 acres of cover crop.
  Dave working on the planter in the new shop at Gary's house.  
We spent about 2 weeks going through the planter and adding
new technology.
  You can see the Ryegrass growing between the fall made strips
in the corn stalks going to beans this spring.
  Our Apache sprayer is an important part of our operation.  It will cover all of our acres 2-3 times per season applying herbicides and insecticides.  It has a 90 foot wide boom.  Spraying at 10-15 mph, it can cover many acres per hour...   On some of the new farms this year we applied Spring Nh3 since we had such a warm and mild march.  Here we are applying Nh3 on the Andrews Qtr.  
  Spring striptill is also part of our operation when need be.  This was when we were making spring strips with our applicator on the Haire #3 farm.  It had a lot of tile installed this winter making fall striptill difficult.   When doing spring striptill, we do not use a mole knife.  Instead we use a double wavy coulter assembly made by Yetter Mfg.  
  Corn planting started in late April.  The ground conditions were great with plenty of moisture.  Tyson didn't miss the first day of planting with Dad...   This spring we added many things to the planter as far as technology.  Here you see the inside saddle tanks on the CAT that hold our starter fertilizer.  The planter has a 4 section shut off fertilizer system with 2 different application points on each row.  This will be a great addition to our agronomic program.  
  The First couple days of planting each season comes with many adjustments to the equipment.  Here Dave is working on the Strater Fertilizer delivery system.   On some of the new fields we had to field cultivate them this year.  Here, Karma smoothes off the Iowa Farmland Partners 220.  
  This is known as the "GLASS CAGE" that Dave spent 3 1/2 weeks in while planting our crops.  Making Dave stay in one spot for that many hours was a chore...   Here you can see the drag chains and rear fertilizer delivery sytem on the planter.  The 32% is dribbled behind the planter and incorporated via the drag chains.  
  With Gary behind the planter spraying, Karma and Dave kept the planter moving.  Here Karma opens bags of corn for Dave.   Once in a while, Gary would show up to help fill the planter!!!  
  A beautiful picture captured by Karma one evening.  This was when we planted the Haire #2 farm.   Planting at night.  Peaceful.....  
  At night planting, it kinda feels like a movie theatre with all the screen light up.   Filling the tanks on the CAT with starter Fertilizer.  We can carry 800 gallons in these tanks.  
  A view looking behind the planter when planting corn into the fall made strips.  This field was beans last year.   Its not boring in the tractor with dad when he can watch Bull Riding on Youtube all day...  Tyson is Dad's little farmer.  Notice his BIG pliers!!!  
  Grandma packs a good lunch!!!  Peanut Butter and Jelly, Tysons favorite!!   Gary runs the sprayer.  Here he is rinsing out the sprayer to go to spraying soybeans.  
  When not hauling seed to the planter, Karma keeps the field cultivator moving.   Gary and Karma spraying soybeans on Smeltzer #1 Farm.  
  Dave filling the planter on Haire #1 farm.  You can see the beans are pink in color.  That is the seed treatment to defend off bugs and soil born diseases after they are planted.      
Thank you for your interest in Nelson Family Farms. If we can help you in any way, please call or stop by. Visitors are always welcome.

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