Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
  We at Nelson Family Farms love our family and our farm, so we are happy to share some of the memories with you. Please look through our photo gallery to see what is happening.  
  SPRING 2010  
    Planting soybeans into Standing Stalks.  Karma rides along.    
  Planting corn into Strip till on Mennonite Farm.
  The easiest way to keep track of Tyson is to put him is a Seed Sack.
  During Spring planting, Karma (mom) hauls seeds to Dave in the planter.
  Karma helping fill the planter.  
  Dave and Gary filling the planter with Soybeans.   Dave Planting corn into the conventional vs. Strip tillage Comparsion on Smeltzer #1.  
  Dave adjusting the residue managers on the planter.   Each year we do field size side by sides to help us better understand the differences. Here we are planting the Strip Tillage (left) and Conventional Tillage (right) test plot.
  Filling the planter with Beans.
  See planting of a side by sides of NO till (left) next to Strip till beans (right).
  A view of the Precision Planting monitor showing planter performance.   Planting beans into the Cover Crop experiment.  
  Planting into the cover crop experiment.   After the corn is planted, we apply a residual herbicide for weed control.
    Gary filling the new sprayer to spray on Haire North.    
  Jim Paton with ISU Extension stopped out to see how progress was coming...  We put him to work.
  We get many visitors such as landowners and farm managers that stop out and ride with us in the field.
  We experimented with a landroller after the beans were planted.
  See how we plant back onto the strip that were made in the fall.
  Planting corn into strip tillage.
  Dave and Cousin Kent Luthi with Precision Planting goes through each of the 24 planter row unit each spring.  Accurate seed placement is very important.
  Applying our 2nd feeding of Nitrogen to the corn on the Haire South Farm.
  A view looking back while planting the Iowa Learning Farm Test Plot.  This is the NO till corn being planted into standing bean stubble.  
  Planting corn on strip till.  See how the planter follows the strips.   A view of the Keaton Seed Firmers that we put on the planter this year.  
  Planting corn on Smeltzer #1.   Fillling the planter with corn on Haire North.
Thank you for your interest in Nelson Family Farms. If we can help you in any way, please call or stop by. Visitors are always welcome.

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