Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
  We at Nelson Family Farms love our family and our farm, so we are happy to share some of the memories with you. Please look through our photo gallery to see what is happening.  
  A walkway bridge was put in on the
Iowa Learning Farm in fall of 2012.
  The bridge is suspended across the creek on the
Iowa Learning Farm.
  The bridge is in place and the walk way is set on top.   More tile was placed in the Haire #2 farm this fall.  
  A great view of the 236 acres we farm by calendar .
 You can see the extensive amount of pattern tile
installed this fall.
  If you study the way each tile line runs, you can just about
tell the topography of this farm.  Remember,
water runs "down hill"...
   Beings how it is from winter time. Cleaning up an
old building sight on the Hogan 3 farm.
  Karma Seeding down some new CRP on the ditch
banks of the Van Diest and Haire Farms.
  When we get a new farm, we like to burn down the weeds of the fenceline to then keep it growing back to perennial grasses.   Clearing the old fenceline off the Zinn Farm.  
  Dave in the Dozer and Gary picking up rocks behind the dozer with the skid loader.   Clearing out the fence around the Andrews Qtr.  
  This spring we rented a Dozer for a couple days to clean up some newly rented farms.   Notice how shallow this old tile is on the Hogan 3 farm.  When the tile goes through a low spot, it can get pretty shallow.  
  Fixing a broken tile on the Hogan 3 farm.   Discing the fenceline between Mennonite and Smeltzer #1.  
  After cleaning up the fencelines last fall with a dozer on Smeltzer #4 and Mennonite farm, we then disc them in the spring.   Discing along the ditch on the Hogan 3 farm.  They field edge runs too close to old Hwy 20, so we are seeding down grass to allow for more of a right of way.  This is for safety and field appearance.
  Fall of 2010 Tiling on Smeltzer #1.
  The tile had to be placed 10' deep to get the correct fall.  Excavators dug a 5' trench, then the tile machine was placed in the trench to achieve another 5' of depth.  
  The trenching machine putting tile 5' deep.   The ditch banks were cleaned out this spring
on the VanDiest Farm.
  Pattern tile on Smeltzer #1 farm.   The Mennonite and Smeltzer Farm got the fences pulled and fence lines
cut out this fall.
  See how much it cleans up the fenceline after the dozer cuts along
the top of the ditch.
  Gary and the crew pulling fence on the Mennonite Farm.  
  With the nice fall this 2010, we put in a lot of tile
to help improve drainage.
  This is the site that the bioreactor was placed
on the Smeltzer #4 Farm.
  Bio Reactor: A large hole was dug, plastic placed in the bottom, farm tile drainage field layed out, filled with wood chips, and then covered back up.  The bioreactor is a new drainage practice that helps reduce nitrate loss into streams and creeks.
  Bio-Reactor  See the drainage filtration field being layed out in the
bottom of the Bio-Reactor.
  Bio-Reactor:  The water coming out of the field tile is filtered through these wood chips before being dumped into the creek.  The purpose is to reduce the loss of nitrates into our water.
  Bio-Reactor:  Where the tile flows into the bio-reactor, this gate control allows us to adjust the amount of flow into the bio-reactor.
  Bio-Reactor:  This control gate also allows us to hold water in the "above" water table.  Water table levels can be controlled to conserve water for plant growth.
  Permanent grass waterways are used where needed to conserve soil erosion. Here we prepare the waterway for seeding.  
  Restoring drainage ditch bank on the Smeltzer #4 farm. 
Here we are putting Large limestone rock on the ditch banks to control ditch bank erosion.
  Large rock is placed in the hopper by the wheel loader.  The excavator then takes the rock and places it on the stream bank.  Stream bank soil loss is a major problem that does not get much attention.  We are trying to make a difference.
  ISU Grad students use our Iowa Learning Farm to study the value of soil structure, soil density, organic matter levelsCore samples are taken and sent to the lab.
  A large main was installed through Smelzter #1 in 2009.  
  This main had to be dug in with excavators due to the depth
and massive size of the tile.
  2 large natural gas pipelines had to be dug around.  The main was laid underneath the gas pipeline.  
  Gravel is used to hold the tile in place and keep the grade.   See the 2 gas pipelines and the tile laying below the pipe.  
  Our farm is committed to preserving the rich soil that we are blessed with in NC Iowa. This is a year later view of the stream bank stabilization project. See the fairly clean water draining from our farm tile. This being so clean is a clear example of our conservation practices.      
Thank you for your interest in Nelson Family Farms. If we can help you in any way, please call or stop by. Visitors are always welcome.

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