Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
  We at Nelson Family Farms love our family and our farm, so we are happy to share some of the memories with you. Please look through our photo gallery to see what is happening.  
  We enjoy sharing the importance of preserving our soils for the generations to come.  Conserving Soil, Reducing Runoff, and still Raising 200+ corn with 1/2 the machinery and fuel..  Gotta Love it!   This summer we again hosted a STRIP TILL and Conservation Tillage field day on the Iowa Learning Farm.  
  This photo shows the Roberts Elevator in the Late 1950's. 
See the "Old House" as the center of all the building.
  You can see the birdseye view of the NEW Coop location this summer after the Old House is gone.  See the center area where the Old House once sat.
  The spring of 2010 we lost a landmark at our local cooperative.  The "old house" was burnt down in March at the NEW COOP Otho location.
  Over 100 volunteer firemen gathered to use the controlled burn as a training exercise.  
  The Old House was constructed back in the early 1950's.  It held approximately 100,000 bushels.   The fire was started at 8 am.  Within 5 minutes, the fire had spread to the top of the building and the dry wood was engulfed.  
  It took only 3 hours.   The fire could be seen for many miles.  
  Summer of 2009 we held a Field day in cooperation with ISU when the Bio-Reactor was installed.
  There is a lot of interest around the Bio-Reactor and the amount of nitrates that it takes out of our field tile drainage water.  
  Each year we hold a major field day on the Smelzter #4 Iowa Learning Farm.  The farm contains over 20 difference conservations practices aimed towards production agriculture.  From Controlled drainage structures, Bio-Reactor, Tillage comparisons, grass waterways, terrace evaluations, and many more.
  This is us standing in front of the ISU Learning Farm Rainfall simulator.  The simulator is used to demonstrate the impact of rainfall in different tillage and soil structure practices.
  We take great pride in sharing with our community our conservation practices.  Here Gary and ISU Grad student speak to the crowd about the advantages of Strip Tillage vs. Conventional Tillage.
  This summer we hosted a field day focusing on Tillage and its effect on water quality.  See the tents in the background and our strip till machine at one of the workshop centers.  
  There as over 70 attendee's in this summers Tillage workshop.  Here Dave shares with the crowd the value of conservation tillage by implementing strip tillage.
  Secretary of Ag Bill Northey spoke to the crowd about the things that the IA Dept of Ag are doing to assist in the reduction of Nitrates and Phosphorus going down the Mississippi river into the Gulf of Mexico.  
  Many individual tours are given on the Iowa Learning Farm.  Here ISU Extension Director Jim Paton talks to the tour group about the different projects happening on the farm.
  The Smeltzer Trust Board comes out annually to see progress on our conservation practices.  
  Gary speaking to the Smeltzer group about the workings of the controlled drainage concept above the Bio-Reactor.
Thank you for your interest in Nelson Family Farms. If we can help you in any way, please call or stop by. Visitors are always welcome.

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