Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Nelson Family Farms :: Fort Dodge, Iowa
  We at Nelson Family Farms love our family and our farm, so we are happy to share some of the memories with you. Please look through our photo gallery to see what is happening.  
  OUR FAMILY 2010  
  This past winter we were featured as the Cover story for TOP PRODUCER Magazine.  This is one of about 100 shots that the Jeanne Bernick with Top Producer took that day.   This is our 2009 family Christmas photo.  Stay tuned for the 2010 photo.  
  Grandpa Gary and Tyson are farming buddies.  Tyson makes sure that Grandpa always has plenty of candy and pop in the truck.  This was last spring while filling the planter late one night.   If you can see in the cab, even Karma gets to run the sprayer once in a while.  
  Dave and Tyson wash the combine for this years harvest.   Tyson is in charge of farming the machine shed floor. 
Here he is hauling dirt...
  When dad washes the semi's, Tyson has to wash his truck too.   This spring, Gary and Karma built their 8 grandkids
a 2 story playhouse.
  Even Grandma Karma was a carpenter on this project.   We were privileged this spring to be visited by IA Secretary of AG
Bill Northey.  It was fun showing him around our farm
as well as Brokaw Supply.
  Can you tell it was both a windy and sunny day.  Left-Right:  Dave, wife Fonda, Secretary Bill Northey, Karma, and Gary.   We host tour to many individuals and groups on our farm.  Here, Gary is sharing the benefits of our Bio-Reactor and Controlled Drainage structure on the Smeltzer #4 farm.  
  April's husband Andrew and daughter Ava pose for a picture
while riding with Grandpa Gary.
  Dave bringing the new combine home for the first time.  
  Tyson told grandpa that he wanted to see how the flashlight worked.  So, grandpa put him inside the dumpster and closed the lid.  You can guess how long that lasted...   Gary and Karma have been farming together for 37 years. 
Here they pose for a quick picture together,
even though you can tell they are tired.
  Even new combines break down...  Fonda helps Gary get in those hard to reach spots.  Fonda tried to tell Gary and Dave to buy an International like her Dad, but they didn't listen!!!   Each morning starts off with blowing the combine off.  This prevents buildup of crop residue that could start a fire.  
  Even though our KEY Employee couldn't help us much this year, we still honored him with a new hat from TOM THUMB's.  He only got to go to breakfast with us one time this fall.   While waiting for a semi to get full and ride to the elevator, Morgan and Tyson play in the corn stalks.  
  Morgan is our Dancer
Here she is practicing her cheerleading moves.
  Tyson entertains us all when he is not in 2-day preschool.  
  Morgan is going to be dad's little farmgirl...   Karma runs the combine most days in corn. 
Here she is giving Mr. Main a ride in the combine.
  Our family doing business with your family!!! 
A beautiful fall day for a picture!
  The girls of our operation...
They keep it all going and keep us guys in line.!!!
  We all have fun in the field.!!!   Tyson always wanted to ride with Grandma in the combine
cuz she had HO HO's....
  When the combine and grain cart are in the back of the field, Dave and Tyson play in corn in the semi.   One of our favorite elevator faces:  Fungus
Here is opening our semi trailer to dump grain.
  Someday I am gonna be big just like daddy and grandpa...   Another day to get a HO HO from grandma!!!  
  Grandpa Gary and Tyson take a ride in the
Black Chevy grain truck to the elevator.
  While Dave most of the time runs the strip till machine,
Gary hauls fertilizer to the field.
  Grandma Karma planting flowers around the house
with Angi's twins:  Deirdre and Estella.
  Grandpa got to ride in the wagon with the twins
while grandma drove.
  Daughter Angi comes out with her girls and gets dirty with us.  Even though she is a city girl now, her roots still bring her back to the farm.   Tyson got to start school this year.  2 Day Preschool. School is lots of fun, but if he knows mom and dad and grandma and grandpa are in the field with out him... Look out.!  
  Morgan is in Kindergarten this year. 
She loves to learn and be the teachers helper!
  Morgan's is taking riding lessons from our friend Brooke.  Morgan has it set in your mind that next summer she will be Barrell Racing in the same Miniature Rodeo Associating that Tyson rides bulls in:  Tuff N Nuff Miniature Rodeo Assn.  
  Tyson has been Bull Riding this past summer with the Tuff N Nuff Miniature Rodeo Assn.  He loves every minute of it!   This is Tyson at the WORLD FINALS Miniature Bucking Bull Rodeo.  It was held this past November in Lincoln, NE.  
  As you can imagine the Bull Fighters love him to death. 
Here they give them their hat for Tyson to throw in the air after his 92 point ride.
  Dave, Gary and Karma attended the TEPAP
(The Executive Program for Ag Producers) this winter
in Austin, Tx. It was a great time of learning and networking
with fellow ag producers.
Thank you for your interest in Nelson Family Farms. If we can help you in any way, please call or stop by. Visitors are always welcome.

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